Curriculum Vitae: Claus Huitfeldt

Claus Huitfeldt, Associate Professor, Universiy of Bergen, Norway


Nationality:                 Norwegian



Telephone:                 +47-5558 3013  

Postal aderess:           Department of philosophy, P.P.Box 7805, N-5020 Bergen, Norway

Visiting address:        Sydnesplassen 12/13, rom 507 Claus Huitfeldt is Associate Professor (førsteamanuensis) at the Department of Philosophy of the University of Bergen since 1994.

He was founding Director (1990-2000) of the Wittgenstein Archives at the University of Bergen, for which he developed the text encoding system MECS as well as the editorial methods for the publication of Wittgenstein´s Nachlass – The Bergen Electronic Edition (Oxford University Press, 2000).

He was Research Director (2000-2002) of Aksis (Section for Culture, Language and Information Technology at the Bergen University Research Foundation). In 2003 he returned to his position at the Department of Philosophy, where he teaches modern philosophy and philosophy of language, and also gives frequent courses in text technology at the The Department of Humanistic Informatics.

He was active in the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) since 1991, and was centrally involved in the foundation of the TEI Consortium in 2001. The consortium now counts more than 90 member institutions.

Huitfeldt's research interests are within philosophy of language, philosophy of technology, text theory, editorial philology and markup theory. He is currently involved in the project Markup Languages for Complex Documents (MLCD).


Education: in philosophy from University of Trondheim, 1984. Thesis: "Transcendental argumentasjon - deduktiv og refleksiv" (Transcendental Arguments - Deductive and Reflexive)


1994-present: Associate Professor (førsteamanuensis), Department of Philosophy, University of Bergen.

2001-2002: Research Director, Aksis (Section for Culture, Language and Information Technology), Bergen University Research Foundation

2000-2001: Director, The HIT Centre (Humanities Information Technologies Research Programme), University of Bergen

1995 (February - August): Acting Director, The Norwegian Computing Centre for the Humanities.

1990-1999: Project Director, Wittgenstein Archives at the University of Bergen. (On leave February - August 1995)

1989-1993: Doctoral student at Dept. of Philosophy, University of Bergen, with Research Fellowship in philosophy from NFR (Norwegian Research Council).

1985-89: Staff member and Senior staff member at the Norwegian Computing Centre for the Humanities. Project Director of the Norwegian Wittgenstein Project 1985-1987.

1984-85: Transcriber at the Norwegian Wittgenstein Project


Various courses in philosophy at the University of Bergen 2003-present.

Courses in theory of text encoding at the Section for Informatics in the Humanities, University of Bergen 2000-present

Courses in philosophy at the Department of Philosophy, University of Trondheim, 1984-85.

Courses in logic and history of philosophy for Examen Philosophicum, University of Trondheim 1984-85 and University of Bergen 1990-99.

Teaching Assistant at the University of Trondheim, Examen Philosophicum, 1979-84.

Other professional activities:

Board member (Treasurer) of the Text Encoding Initiative Consortium 2000-2004.

Member of Editorial committee of Henrik Ibsens skrifter ("Henrik Ibsens Writings") 2000-2002.

On the Board of Editors for Markup Languages -- Theory and Practice (MIT Press) 2000-2002

On the Board of Editors for Computers and the Humanities (Kluwer) 1994-2004.

Chair of the Text Encoding Initiative's Manuscript Work Group 1992-94.

Member of the Text Encoding Initiative's Committee on Text Representation 1990-94.


Norwegian. Written and spoken fluency in English. Reasonable competence in German. Some Italian.


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